Music Videos etc from Fiji
Michelle Rounds Hoochie Coochie
There's a lot of music in Fiji. The traditional mekes
and choirs are great. But for me it was the jazz
and blues in the city clubs that I loved. I was a
regular at the Golden Dragon - when I'd often be
the only white person in there. Ken Janson ran
the place, I think he still does, and sometimes
sang with the house band. He had a great heart.

So these sites are mostly for the club jazz. The
first is for Michelle Rounds, the daughter of my
onetime friend Bernadette Rounds. Bernadette
was know as "Lovey" and we made some
advertising commercials together. She went on to
become a government minister.
Here's Michelle doing her sophisticated bit
on a couple of numbers in Japan:
Take 5
But I prefer her back in the islands:
How Deep Is My Love

A political video