Thomas Pynchon
Brian Castro
Peter Ackroyd
Paul Bowles
William Burroughs
John Fowles
"Makes all other novels
obsolescent" - the New
Statesman about Gravity's
Rainbow. I also like V and
Against The Day.
So much better than the
"Beats" who tried to claim
him. A master craftsman
with a frightening inner
steel. I'm glad I met him.
"The Magus" takes us
in to an arcane world,
and out again. "Daniel
Martin" I always
identify with.
A writer I admire and
envy. His "Shanghai
Dancing" has the feel of
a symphony about it.
Also creates his own
Shanghai. But most I
like his "The Kindness
Of Woman" where his
honesty may hurt. I
live a mile away in
Shepperton but never
met him.
You could say he writes
too much and too fast - but
then you think of Dr. Dee
and the Limehouse Golem
and forgive him anything.
Ian Sinclair
He lives in the strange
world of South East
London's river banks
and old streets and
takes you in there with
Yesterday's Perfume
A beautiful work of art of a
book with Cherie Nutting's
photographs and words.
This is a weird site with
lots of links through to
other Burroughs sites.
Well worth half and hour
or so of exploring.
Fowles can appear
straightforward to the
point of being old
fashioned. But reading
into him you can find
layer below layer."The
Magus" is a good place
to start.
links to Pynchon, Bowles, Burroughs, Fowles, Castro, Ballard, Ackroyd, Ian Sinclair and others