Victor Barker
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- Bookseller

"Wry humour"
-Times Literary

"A literary citizen of the
-Sydney Morning Herald

- The Australian
photographed as resident
writer at  shakespeare & co
My novels dig deep below their entertaining
surface. In
The Truth Of Everything a sly guru
inadvertently finds truth. In
Baudin's Last
an ancient French mariner takes us
on a voyage of more than superficial
Krate The Fool explores the inner
worlds of an idiot savant.
The Tangier Script
is a contemporary palimpsest of that timeless
The Manatee explores the confronting
spiritual and nuclear secrets of East Anglia.  
Lost On The Island uncovers the truth behind
revolution in Fiji.
Victor Barker is an internationally
published literary novelist; a course
leader at the universities of Hamburg,
Toulouse, Sydney and the South
Pacific; a featured speaker and
reader at Adelaide Writers' Week and
at literary festivals from Brantome to
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